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Vox Popular Media Arts Festival’s Annual “People’s Choice Awards” are given to the top ten favourite films as voted by Festival audiences.
The proceeds from the voting process support green initiatives in the City of Thunder Bay.

2017 People’s Choice Winners

The Peel Project: Calder Cheverie

All Our Father’s Relations: Alejandro Yoshizawa

That Never Happened: Canada’s First National Internment Operations: Ryan Boyko

Murphy’s Law: Megan Murphy

Daddy Loves You: Ninni Rokosa

Albert Karvonen:Philosophies on Life: Ava Karvonen

Data Mining the Deceased: Julia Creet

The Canoe: Goh Iromoto

Trails of a Paper Bird: Tiina Meling

Autumn Springs: Jessica Graham

Thunder Bay Landmarks: Keegan Richard

2016 People’s Choice Winners

Now and Forever: Tony Maguire

The Grandfather Drum: Michelle Derosiers

Fire Song: Adam Garnet Jones

The Maltese Guinea Pig: Luke Grandmont

The Pass System:  Alex Willams

A.K.A: Ron Harpelle

SISU:Family, Love & Perseverance from Finland to America: Marko Albrecht

Finnish Blood, Swedish Heart: Mika Ronkainen

Gracie: Matthew Morgan

Where Do We Go From Here?: John McPhail

2015 People’s Choice Winners

Autistic Artistic: Keegan Richard (Thunder Bay)

Til The Cows Come Home: Clarke Mackey (Kingston)

Open Spaces: Moe Cordeiro (Thunder Bay)

A Mile in These Hooves: James Brylowski (Toronto)

The Healing Drum: Justine Clark (Thunder Bay)

Survivor’s Rowe: Daniel Roher (Thunder Bay/Toronto)

After the Last River: Victoria Lean (Toronto)

Sally’s Way: Joanne Gail Johnson (Trinidad/Tobago)

Beyond Bollywood: Ruchika Muchhala & Adam Dow (India/USA)

Finding Your Happy Place: Natasha Belisle (White River)

2014 People’s Choice Award Winners

Under The Pearl Moon: Eleanor Albanese (Thunder Bay)

Empire of Dirt: Peter Stebbings (Toronto)

August Fools: Taru Makela (Finland)

Miedo: Carlos de Antonio de la Peña (Spain)

The Scratch: Dianne Brothers (Thunder Bay)

Joikefeber: Ellen Astri-Lundby (Norway)

I Stop Time (Jag Stannar Tiden): Gunilla Bresky (Sweden)

Derby Crazy Love: Maya Gallus & Justine Pimlott (Toronto, Montreal)

50 Kisses: Chris Jones, et al (Thunder Bay, UK)

Les Indiens Comme Nous (Indians Like Us): Sylvie Jacquemin (France)

2014 Retrospective People’s Choice Award Winners

Looking For Angelina: Sergio Navarretta (Toronto, Sault Ste. Marie)

Throat Song: Miranda de Pencier (Montreal, Iqaluit)

Gas Through the Glass: Caleb Magiskan (Thunder Bay)

2013 People’s Choice Award Winners

Sexual Relations – 101: Jamie Warenzek (Thunder Bay)

Alias: Michelle Latimer (Toronto)

Iceberg Shadows: Antti Seppanen (Finland)

Dream’s Deferred – Legacy of American Apartheid: Joe Davidow (Finland)

Rites of Passage: Phillip Crawford (Australia)

Hit n’ Strum: Kirk Caouette (Vancouver)

Love, Sex and Disability: Carlo Basilone (Toronto)

Love at First Bite: Levan Sonego (Thunder Bay)

Red Girl’s Reasoning: Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers (Vancouver)

Suddenly Sami: Ellen Astri-Lundby (Norway)

2012 People’s Choice Award Winners

Hard Time – Ron Harpelle (Thunder Bay

Return to Manomin – Michelle Derosier (Thunder Bay)

Ping Pong – Hugh Hartford (UK)

Silent Invaders – Dianne Brothers (Thunder Bay)

Mary Maud and the Titanic – Geraldine Carr (Canada)

The Missing Looks – Damian Dionisio (Argentina)

Save the Drama – Kirsten Kosloski (Thunder Bay)

The Acute Man – Knut Eric Jensen (Norway)

My Angel My Hero – Faizan Sheikh (USA)

Mouthy – Nancy Shaw (Thunder Bay)

2011 People’s Choice Award Winners

Gas Through the Glass – Caleb Magiskan  (Thunder Bay)

Under The Red Star – Kelly Saxberg (Thunder Bay)

House of Branching love – Mika Kaurismaki (Finland/Brasil)

Guantanamo Trap – Thomas Wallmer (Toronto)

Sticky Money –  Ryan La Via (Thunder Bay)

A Finn’s Sauna – Arthur Fiedler (Thunder Bay)

The Experimental Eskimos – Barry Greenwald (Toronto)

Inuit High Kick – Alethea Arnaquq-Baril  (Iqaluit)

Tunnit: Retracing The Lines of Inuit Tattoos – Alethea Arnaquq-Baril  (Iqaluit)

Choke – Michelle Latimer (Toronto/ Thunder Bay)

2010 People’s Choice Award Winners

Sisu – Chrystene Ells (Canada)

Third World Canada – Andrée Cazabon (Canada)

In Security – Ron Harpelle (Thunder Bay)

40 Years of One Night Stands – Jeff MacKay (Canada)

Fatality and the Fish – Leon Haggarty (Thunder Bay)

Life is But a Dream – Kelly Saxberg (Thunder Bay)

Dog Eat Dog – Curtis Jensen (Thunder Bay)

A Windigo Tale – Armand Garnet Ruffo (Canada)

The Bishop who Ate His Boots – Richard Stringer (Canada)

Ray and Silent Rob –  Adrien Harpelle (Thunder Bay)

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