Mar 10/2018 – Les Chiclettes

Where: Trinity Hall, 310 Park Ave.
When: Saturday March 10, 2018 @ 6pm
Price: $10
Concert in celebration of International Women’s Day
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Presenting adventurous and fiercely determined women, with a thirst for novelty and a desire to experience life differently. Meet this Franco-Ontarian trio Les Chiclettes: comprised of Nathalie Nadon, Julie Kim Beaudry and Geneviève Cholette. They are proposing a second album in career titled “Voyage à Trois” (Trip for Three).

Les Chiclette’s trademarked vocal harmonies evoke those of The Andrews Sisters from the 1940s. Their original material speaks of the archetypal macho men in all their guises but seen through the eyes of the audacious, and bold women that they are—the very women who define themselves through their men, in spite of being totally enamored and in love with them. « Will you take the risk, even if you risk losing it all? I am one who dares, one who takes position and forgoes all formalities», adapted from “La Grève au Trop Parfait”, (On strike against perfection) an original title on the album that provides a well-argued rebuttal to society’s standards for women.
Comfortable in their own skins, the three women seduce instantly; their stories are smart, enticing and feminine, and they certainly won’t leave anyone indifferent. «Nothing is more seductive to a man, than a woman who is proud of herself» shares the fiery Nathalie Nadon. This illustrates perfectly Les Chiclettes of today: three independent artists who aspire to live their art and take control of their destiny.

Spirited, fearless, at times visionaries and sometimes unpredictable, Les Chiclettes are not afraid to show who and what they are in their stage performance.

The energy, vitality and beauty of the melodies and exceptional vocal harmonies, make “Voyage à Trois” an absolutely delightful album.