En Tze Loh – Bury or Be Buried

My name is En Tze and I am a Film Production student at Conflix, Thunder Bay, Canada, in my last year of the program. I am also a tattoo artist, freelance artist, and I run my own clothing brand GRRRL Spells (grrrlspells.com). I am extremely passionate about art and film & tv, and aspire to be a production designer.

Previous things I have worked on include Lenny (Art Director, webseries, Smokebomb, 2016), Eros (Art PA, short film, coming 2017), Carmilla Season 3 (Art PA and merchandise designer, webseries, Smokebomb, 2016), The Illumination Of Wiretown (Production Designer, stop motion short film, coming 2017) and Darken (Art Director for intro credits, feature film, Smokebomb, coming 2017). You might also recognize me from the fan art and watercolour tattoos I have done of various tv shows such as Orphan Black, The 100, Person Of Interest and more!