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Film Selections for Vox Popular 2018

We are proud to announce a fantastic selection of films for our 14th annual Vox Popular Media Arts Festival! Featuring 55 films from Northwestern Ontario, Canada, and around the world; we are planning our most unique festival yet.

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Use hashtag #VoxPop2018 to see what’s happening, or for a repost!

Festival Films & Directors

Dad Is Pretty

Park soo-min, Kim seung-hyeob


Gaelynn Lea – The Songs We Sing

Mark Brown


War Paint

Jack Belhumeur


Ready For A Baby

Anastasia Dyakova



Brendan Peterson



Dan Sokoloswski


Are You Volleyball

Mohammad Bakhshi


I’ve Seen So Much

Gonzalo Guajardo-F. Caballos


Grain of Sand

Jason Carter


Tilly’s Symphony

Karenza Ebejer


A Moment of Love

Morteza Bahrami


Fox Ground

Meghdad Akhavan



Jon Wesselink



Ismael Martin


Let Us Dance

Navarro-Rovira Jacques


Mumpsimus and Halcyon Discord

Rolf Klein



Fatemeh Mohseni


Black or White

Mohammad-Ali Soleymanzadeh


Salaam B’y

Amar Wala


The Importance of Dreaming

Tara Audibert


Third Generation

Mohammad Ali Rakhshani


Turning Tables

Chrisann Hessing


Cackle Me This

Hilary Hart


Jeremy the Dud

Ryan Chamley



Ellie Harvie


Dying in vein

Ben Murray


Alien Scars

Adam Halstrom


Iglu:Angirraq (House:Home)

Karen Beddard

Romeo & Juliette16

Eva Ziemsen


Panic Attack!

Eileen O’Meara


Why Are The Trees Pink

Trystan Millet


Lost in time

Adriano Perez


NDNs on the Airwaves

Janet Rogers



Philip Shane



Ricardo Saleh


Get the Worm

Jenna Townson


Northern Meltdown

Michael Mckenzie


Cuba Underground

Temps Noir


The Flip Side

Val Wang



Serena Porcher-Carli


La Debutante

Lena Tosta


The Merciless Beauty

David Groom



Barzan Rostami


Ballad of the Knife Sharpener

Khalid Ali


It Could Be You

Cody Westman


La Camanita Extatica

Greg Scott


Towns Ends

Megan Murphy


The Long Wet Grass

Anna Nugent



S. Shakthidharan



Luke Whitmore, Tony Hinds, Sean Guezen


Bright Sunny Light

Martin King


How to Hide a Dead Body

Ryan Despres


Anna Lisa

Nadine Arpin


The Countryside

Keegan Richard


Bringing Jazzy To The Top

Damien Gilbert


A World Of Our Own

Morningstar Derosier

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